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Here We Are Here: Black Canadian Contemporary Art

What comes to mind when you think “Canada” or “Canadian art”? This mixed-media group exhibition asks nine artists to meditate on Black culture, identity and erasure in relation to Canada and the art world. Chantal Gibson presents Souvenir, an installation of 2,000 blackened souvenir spoons, to underline the ways in which Black Canadians are displaced from our national narrative.

Here We are Here ROM
Souvenir by Chantal Gibson

Suck Teeth Compositions (After Rashaad Newsome), a video installation by multidisciplinary artist Michèle Pearson Clarke, orchestrates a choral symphony of sucking teeth: a Caribbean gesture signalling such emotions as disapproval and frustration – an understandable response to the virtual invisibility of Black Canadians in history books and, until recently, major museums.

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Royal Ontario Museum

100 Queens Park
Toronto, ON
M5S 2C6


Jan 27 - Apr 22