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Evergreen’s Don River Valley Park Invaded by Gargoyles

Hit the trails to experience an outdoor art gallery that supports emerging artists and public space

Evergreen’s Don River Valley Park (DRVP) Art Program has made Toronto’s largest green space its largest art venue. Ditching traditional curatorial practices, the DRVP Art Program helps developing artists design and fabricate landscape-based projects.

Evergreen Don River Valley Park Art

The program kicked off in 2017 with Cree artist Duane Linklater’s Monsters for Beauty, Permanence and Individuality: 14 cast-concrete gargoyles replicated from some of the city’s most recognizable municipal buildings, academic institutions and churches. The scattered grotesques nod to when Indigenous peoples were displaced as natural resources were sourced from the site for city construction.

More artworks will be on the trails beginning in spring 2018.

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